Posted by: raesalley | November 7, 2013

Desk job

Have you ever noticed that many people who have “desk jobs” aren’t often at their desks? That was me this Thursday.

First, I was in late because I’m a horrible human being who has no sense of time or process in the morning. Once I got in, I chipped away at a few things while watching the inbox for my return copy of the final for the big publication with looming deadline. Got that, printed and ran through it before signing off and going off to attend to things related to having a baby at home. Then it was a lunch meeting. Post lunch meeting was a few walking meetings where I ended up taking longer than I wanted, then it was off to that new mom thing again before finally getting to my desk for the day for real.

It must make my group’s admin laugh that I’m usually settling into work about the time she is packing it in for the day. Thank goodness for flexible employers.

I’m then at my desk for a solid two hours as folks leave for home around me. It doesn’t even phase me any more since I’m sliding in while they’ve already finished two cups of coffee and a million emails. The quiet in the late afternoon is blissful at times and allows me to knock some bigger things out without the interuptions I’d have if I was here with everyone else. I guess it would be different if I didn’t start at full speed when I walked in the door, but again, flexibility is fantastic. It’s these last few hours of the day when most are gone that I’m actually at my desk, doing my “desk job” and not in meetings or talking one on one. Maybe they need to rename it a quarter-desk job?


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