Posted by: raesalley | November 10, 2013

Fall Experimentation

Yesterday the Bald One and I packed up the kids and headed off to the Farmers’ Market to satisfy my fall need for fresh apples. We lucked out and found a craft fair in progress as well as a whole lot of glorious apples ripe for the picking.

Buddy Roo got a new hat. Gummi Bear may get jealous, so we may end up ordering her one, but that gal doesn’t like hats any more than she likes socks.

The hat is awesome and the folks that made it are fantastic as well. If you want one for Christmas, get yourself to Monster Hat Island stat, since they confessed this week(end?) is the last to get the custom order placed. Buddy Roo was pulling on the braids of his hat and shoving them into his mouth before we got so far past their booth.

After the hat we sped through the rest of the fair and market because Gummi Bear was seriously craving her apples. The booth I like is conviently on a corner, so we can grab and escape on days the market is super crowded. They had a different type of apple new to me called Cinnamon Crisp – like a honeycrisp but a little tiny touch tart. We tried it and bought a half peck. Another half peck bag was a mixed selection and we were off for home.

This sounds like a whole lot of apple, but likely most will be eaten by next weekend. Two were consumed within minutes of getting home, another four went into the saucepan to make applesauce. This morning, I decided to try my hand at apple butter. This is what it started as:


The fancy old school corer/peeler/slicer was a Christmas present years ago from my in-laws after they saw it on my wishlist. There was a special run to the store for apples just to try it out. It is probably one of the most fun things to play with and is stellar for apple pie making.

The recipe, pulled up from before you get any illusion that I have a handed down one from ye olden times, calls for a crockpot and 32 servings. We will see how this goes in mini form before we invest that much apple and that much time.

For now, there is sauce in the fridge and plans for either tarts or baked apples with dinner and if the experiment works we will have apple butter for our bagels in the morning.

Now if I can just remember to take pictures before all the leaves fall it will be perfect.


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