Posted by: raesalley | November 15, 2013

CJ: 4 month update

Buddy Roo actually celebrated four months on the outside on Monday. Today he visited the doc to get the official stamp of progress. Unlike his sister, he is a solid child weighing in at the 36th percentile. This explains the serious arm workout we have been getting and reminds us we need to balance our baby carrying. Poor kiddo got the expected battery of shots to go along with his visit, so I planned on working from home after the doctor visit since I expected that shots plus teething would mean bourbon for someone before the end of the day. No bourbon, but luckily no epic crankiness either.

Does that look like the face of an unhappy camper?

The other exciting to us thing was that we caved and reupped our Netflix subscription. This lead to Gummi Bear being thrilled for several hours while Buddy Roo slept off shots, the Bald One catnapped and I worked. I rediscovered Magic School Bus and introduced it to her, which lead to some funny discussions later. Then, after dinner when she collapsed for her nap I finally got to see Skyfall.

Just another quiet night here in Suburbia


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