Posted by: raesalley | January 3, 2014

Who’s your Doctor Who?

It’s after Christmas, which means that the Christmas special has come and gone. And with that event, so ends the tenure of the Eleventh Doctor (or 13th? meh). In any case, we now have to open our minds to Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Various places have written about how to get over the pain of “your” Doctor leaving (thanks Tor)…but it really is something only time can resolve.

Over the holiday, there was a bunch of rebroadcasts of previous episodes of Doctor Who, including a marathon of the various Christmas specials. We had them on for background noise, as Gummi Bear actually enjoys Doctor Who (her favorite seems to be Dinosaurs on a Spaceship). But she kept looking at us like we were crazy because we’d say we were watching Doctor Who and as David Tennant would enter the TARDIS she’d ask “where is he?”

Then it hit me: Matt Smith is my girl’s Doctor.

My husband and I have different Doctors…but we came to the series at different points in our lives. I enjoyed the Ninth Doctor, but really it was David Tennant who sold me on this time & space traveling alien. I’ve bonded with friend’s over his tenure and sniffed back tears over “I don’t want to go.” But it never occured to me that my girl would have Matt Smith as her Doctor. We laugh over the Doctor voicing one of her cartoon characters (Twigs, in Tree Fu Tom) and she looks at us like we’re crazy…and it is because she doesn’t recognize Tennant.

Next season is going to be very confusing. Hopefully we can get her through it.



  1. I love this!! I love that your little girl watches it with you!! I am a lover of the David Tennant Doctor, when Matt Smith came in I hated him just because he wasn’t David Tennant. After some time he grew on me but I still love David Tennant as the Doctor. 🙂 This new guy just freaks me out and does not seem right at all. o.O

  2. David Tennant…but Matt Smith grew on me…I think they all do.

  3. Very true.

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