Posted by: raesalley | January 20, 2014

Traveling Mom

Now boarding – Owl for PHX

Mid-morning yesterday found me heading to the airport with Owl for a flight from home to our Spring Planning Meeting in Phoenix for some warmth, sun and conference rooms. We have plans to get outside, but so much of the time out here is going to be spent in conference rooms staring at screens and some serious discussions. My first leg took me to Houston, where I left myself a large layover to take care of things while not getting lost in an airport I don’t often fly through. (My usual preferred hubs are Cleveland & Dulles).
Dinner break!

I tend to schedule my layovers in two fashions – so close I have barely time to get to my new gate or long enough for a leisurely meal somewhere with a table and chairs. Since I planned on the latter this time through, I found a new-to-me slice of awesome – UrbanCrave. It’s a small (~4 tables & about a dozen seats at the bar) place with fantastic burgers and fries. Better yet, the burger was stuffed with bacon & cheddar. Yum! I got to sit, eat and use the outlet at my table to charge up for the next flight. Then it was off to catch the next flight. We got in with enough time to get checked in & nab a drink with some coworkers before crashing to prep for day one.

Good morning to PHX – hope we have fun!


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