Posted by: raesalley | January 24, 2014


For our last night together, the group of us headed out to Shula’s for dinner. This is a serious steakhouse, inside a nearby casino.

I smartly choose to crash after dinner as I know that I’m up today. I have six topics to cover in an hour and I have to do it three times. Since not everything I have to talk about will be something, I need to bring my A game. I start with the hardest group and work my way easier. By the third presentation, I’ve got my presentation down to a science and am anticipating their questions. But the best feeling, after starting late and going long in the first group, was looking at my watch as I wrapped the final session to see that it was time to call it a day for everyone – meaning no surprise questions or “while we have you…” discussions.

Nothing is quite as nice at a meeting as unplugging, a blue screen in an empty room and knowing it is all done.

With all the work done, there’s a corn hole tournament to play. I skip signing up to play in favor of trying my hand again at pool. I get lucky on my first game and manage a quick run of decent shots to win, only to go down to a ringer the next round. I switch to watching the tourney to see my boss in a close contest before getting to walk away with the trophy.

Hospitality done right…



  1. Love the owl and the words rock too:) following:)

  2. Quite a busy day for an owl.

  3. Really enjoyed reading and looking at your Blog. Would like it, if you visited ours also!! Hope to hear from you!

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