Posted by: raesalley | May 5, 2014

Demo & Delivery

When I went to visit family in February, my parents incentivized both my brother and myself to stop waiting on projects or trying to get their (willing but less physically able as years pass) help at major home projects. For us, it was our patio screening. We’ve been talking about getting it done, and maybe adding a deck or a patio to the yard along with a bunch of other little things that all add up. With their financial push, we’re finally getting things accomplished.
In three little weeks, these guys came out and transformed that mess of timbers and ripped screening to a lovely brick patio with screened enclosure. The space doubled and we were able to add a beer garden table and a smaller seating area. Our 4×4′ garden that got added to the patio design has plants and we may even be making salsa this fall. And the deck warming was fabulous. I’ll have to convince my phone to show you.



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