Posted by: raesalley | March 31, 2015

Two Weeks goes too fast

Woodford ReserveMy husband, the Bald One, has a small love of bourbon. In my opinion, most of them could double as cough medicine. Many years ago (pre-kid) we took a trip to Kentucky and had a grand time visiting a few distilleries. Then, I told him to go back for his 40th. They had a blast while I played with our girl at home before she lost all “only kid” rights and they still decided that a few days and all the stamps weren’t enough. So we all decided to go back, this time bigger and more awesome.

LSF&MWhat this meant is we took about 18months to discuss and about six weeks to actually plan a trip for the two of us, our two kids and eight other adults to take over a house and do the state’s bourbon industry justice. Two people did the regular trail, two more did the craft train and the rest of us just went wherever we wanted to go. There was an epic amount of food, a whole bunch of fun and a couple of side trips. I think, all told, we averaged about two distilleries a day plus some crazy stops in between. It broke down like this:

M: Willet & Barton’s – where we discovered Bourbon Ball Cream (to appear later on ice cream & in coffee)

T: Four Roses & Wild Turkey – which has a beautiful visitor’s center that caused our architect in training to go have a fun side visit the next day

W: Woodford Reserve, then checking on some Lexington stops (Arcadium was a let down)

Th: Bulleit, lunch at Against the Grain (brewery)  & a ghost tour of Buffalo Trace after hitting Louisville stops

F: Town Branch/Alltech & Breweries in Lexington (Country Boy, West 6th)
We went home with enough bourbon to last a few years, or as the Bald One likes to think “until our next restock trip”.
haul photo 
After all that, we spent a day packing up and driving home because I stupidly booked myself insane Sunday. It started out simple enough: go to WizardCon and get to have a photo with David Tennant. I then proceeded to drop a bunch of money (for me) in stylized prints that I must have in my house and at work (once frames are acquired it will be awesome!) Get home, prep for class that starts on Monday and panic because I suddenly realized the Best Friend of Elanova was supposed to be in town…and we were going to have dinner! Panic! Clean all the things! Get food! socialize an almost-4yo with a 2.5 yo and her brother (21mon) and a baby! get caught up on all the things! And then, wind down small people because class starts at 8am sharp.

Class, by the way, was a week long prep for certification. I forgot how draining school can be. It sucks even more when it is 9.5 hours of class time plus about 2 hours of homework for three straight days followed by a four hour exam. There’s a PTSD-like part of my brain that would never like to talk about this again. There’s another part of it that things it was great because guess what? I passed! So now I have letters after my name. Yippy!

So what’s the point of this? I missed my March TBR challenge posting date. I hope to get up something for April and I’ll also explain the other reason I have nothing to say for March. (it was totally a DNF – sigh).


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