Posted by: raesalley | April 25, 2015

#100DaysofRA! D12-17 / 0420-25

Look! Another batch update on my crazy life.

One of the big things over the last week that has been fantastic and terrible has been the great purging that is happening. We have so many storage corners scattered around the building that it makes it easy to become a hoarder. Add to the high turnover in some roles and you have either people dumping entire desks of materials into a corner to never be seen again or (my favorite) the purchasing of office supplies that nobody knows are in existence. Add to that the complete disinterest in something so un-sexy as archiving and purging and you have overflowing closets of stuff. Some of the calls were very easy to make (look – a thing to be used in front of customers with wrong logos! pitch!) while others were very complicated (these files that nobody knows about? what about these slides? or these VHS tapes? what about the actual slide projector?). It was dirty, sweaty, dusty work that ate up about a third of my work week. The only thrill is that we cleared out so many racks of stuff and found other places to store the actual stuff we need to keep by throwing out more stuff. Now I just need to clean out my desk.

On the household front, I got to be indignant on the invisible girl problem. Black Widow kicks butt, and yet she gets dropped from clothes and toys. Sabine & Hera is missing from some of the associated toy lines for Star Wars Rebels. The only bright spot is the launch of the DC SuperHeroes stuff that will be focusing on the girls. Gummi Bear loves the super hero movies and watches Once Upon a Time for the girls, so it would be nice if she could express her geek-love without having to go to fan-developed merchandisers

There were two other big-deal things this week that we tackled around the place: dryer repair and registration for a 5k. First, the boring part: I lucked out and married a guy who knows his way around a power drill. There are many things I am perfectly capable of doing as a girl, but usually when electricity gets involved, I get a little out of my comfort zone. The Bald One however took apart the dryer, discovered what wasn’t working and replaced it, before discovering something else also wasn’t working and replaced that as well. We now have dry clothing again and life is good. The 5k I picked is part of the Color Run and I have until October to get to the point I won’t make a fool of myself. Part of the allure of this race in particular is the fact that it is set right near my office. This means that I can practice the route before the big day. I’m actually looking forward to getting covered in color and glitter, it should be a blast.


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