Posted by: raesalley | April 26, 2015

Paint Shop Boys

I live in a quirky house. I love my quirky house. It’s older (30+ years), it has character, it isn’t a standard square and it has a lovely arrangement of rooms that don’t allow for a single baby gate. There are stairs all over the place, a master bedroom that is sort of public, but sort of private. The room we originally used as a nursery was at the top of the stairs and we’d just see Gummi Bear peaking out of her crib at us when we’d come to the bottom of the stairs. With the backyard patio we’ve added, the landscaping that has been done and the plants coming into bloom in the spring it is a lovely getaway from the world. Add to the fact that we are within walking distance of two decent parks, a quiet neighborhood and minutes away from shopping or downtown and you’d think we have an ideal place.

Then we had a second child. If we had stopped at the first one, we might have been okay. But we wanted two kids, and thus we outgrew our house. At least we can toss the older one in the backyard to run around, but since Buddy Roo has issues with self-preservation we can’t throw them both outside to play. Add to that the amount of rain we’ve had of late and it gets a little confining.

Because of this, the Bald One and I have realized that we need to look at getting ready to sell. See how I eased myself into that thinking? We’re not really there yet, are we…it’s just, to better position ourselves we need to do a few things. And who says we can’t enjoy it while we have it? Like the back patio, it needed to be fixed or replaced and now it is a lovely place to sit and read or have dinner with friends. The flooring that was also done last spring feels great, cleans up well and was a lovely change from the evil Berber carpet. The next logical outdoor step is painting, maybe. And since we have no idea what we’re doing there, maybe we should talk to someone about what that entails.

Enter a bright-eyed college junior running a small business under a larger umbrella. He comes into our kitchen, talks with us about options and finds out who we are and what we’re looking for. He walks around and talks about what he sees (peeling spots here, not much of an issue there, bare untreated wood that will need two coats) and goes off to crunch numbers. We decide painting really isn’t the priority compared to a few other things (like getting our HVAC to behave), but the bare wood really should be painted to fit in with everything else. He breaks it down for us, and he gets a check with the promise to visit in a few months to go over specifics of color and schedule with the hopes of being able to get us to sign on for painting the rest of the house.

But that feels like a commitment. A step towards an unknown future house for us and different owners for this quirky little place. Hopefully they’ll love it too.


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