Posted by: raesalley | April 27, 2015

Real (estate) discussions

Following on the meeting yesterday with the painters, we’re continuing to dip our toe into the whole idea that we’re going to have to move. (Can you tell I really don’t want to accept this concept?) For today’s toe-in-the-water, we had a meeting with a real estate agent.

I started the discussion on a shallow, low commitment email via Zillow to a real estate agent who has had a number of sales in our area. I blatantly said we’re not selling right now, but we know we’re going to have to sell in the next two years and to that end, we want a professional to take a look at our place and let us know where to focus our energies. And, when we are ready to sell, well, you’ll have first dibs if we all like each other.

I’m not home (stupid work) when she arrives, but she walks around the house with the Bald One taking looks at the outside first. There’s nail pops on the siding, trim work that needs painting, gutters need cleaning and the patio is gorgeous. The yard looks low maintenance but well done. The front porch needs an overhaul (already scheduled). Then she steps in the house, and asks how many cats we have (three). We really need to clear out the cats and all the odor related to them to not make people leave the second they walk in. Part of that would be removing the remaining carpets and checking the duct work through the house, which were both planned in the next two years. Oddly, she loved the flooring we have replaced and had no idea that it was laminate. Next on her hit list were some easy, understood things: we have too much stuff, and too much personal stuff on the walls. When we take it all down, we’ll likely want to paint the entire place. The rustic-feel of the exposed bricks and the laminate are lovely and charming, but the kitchen needs a bit of work with an updated dishwasher and hinges. The master bath vanity should be redone, which unfortunately means the flooring needs to be done.

The good news is almost everything she mentioned is something we were planning on dealing with ourselves in the next 18 months or so. Now we just have to do it, figure out what we want in a new house, and begin the paring down of all the things. Wish us luck, please.


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