Posted by: raesalley | April 30, 2015

Stormy skies

imageThe view just made me happy. I’d look in my rearview mirror and I’d see all the stormy skies behind me…I was hopeful, it felt like the grey skies were past us and we were looking into a bright future with sunshine, blue skies and giant fluffy white clouds.

What really happened was I sat in traffic that felt like it would never end before reaching my home to pick up Gummi Bear prior to her weekly gymnastics fun. Once at gymnastics, you could feel the pressure change and see the sky getting darker all around as the kids tumbled through their classes. Several classes finish up around seven, and as the boys and girls gathered their shoes and water bottles the skies opened up. Gummi Bear and her class were still in the foam block pit where they end all their classes as the rain battered the roof. Instead of their usual waiting for dismissal as a class, each one was released to their waiting parent the second they emerged from the foam with a sticker and flyer in hand.

Gummi Bear and I sat, waiting for the torrents to slow outside and make it so we could at least see our way to the car. When it finally started to lighten a bit, I remembered we could go out the back door since I parked, for once, at that end of the gym. This only involved us being in the wet for brief moments, instead of having to ford a small lake in the parking lot and run uphill in my soft sided shoes and her crocs. We drove carefully home, watching the puddles fly up as other cars flew by and then ran quickly to our front door.

But looking at this photo, you’d never believe the storm that came or the rainbow that followed.


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