Posted by: raesalley | May 8, 2015

#100DaysofRA! – Kindergarten Prep

Yesterday, I couldn’t talk about it since I was totally distracted by the fantastic-ness of food trucks. Plus, part of me was in Denial (no longer a river in Egypt!). That Denial is related to the fact that Gummi Bear starts Kindergarten.

It must be true, as the Bald One took her to her Kindergarten Orientation. Not that she remembers it five minutes after it happened, but she went. And she’s looking forward to the insanity, because they have a blue slide for her to play on. No other reason, although I have a feeling that she doesn’t know about the Lego play room that they use for the STEM portion of the curriculum.

I’m looking forward to her taking this next step. She needs a bigger challenge than just seeing how she can out-smart her brother. I’m also looking forward to her getting up and getting ready even though it means that my world is about to go crazy since my morning routine (where I barely can get myself organized and out the door) is about to go through a fundamental shift. To that end, she’s starting to get up and have breakfast with me. So far (on day two), she’s doing well. We’ll see how she holds out.


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