About Me

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio and ended up in North Carolina by way of Syracuse, NY. What I wanted to do was work in theater – and, oddly enough, I am. This means I should have a day job, which could be anything from waiting tables to office management to engineers depending on who you ask what they do. I’ve become a database geek with some offhand knowledge of research & publication hoping to migrate to more project management based work. I’ve been married since May, 2006 to a guy I’d been with for a little over four years at that point. We bought a house in December of that same year and moved in with our four cats.

In my freetime, such as it is, I read, quite a bit actually. I’ve taken up a small bit of gardening as a survival tool with owning a house. And in April 2010, our little Gummi Bear joined us. There’s quite a few posts on her & her arrival and everything since.

Other than that…read and find out.

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