book status

Shelfari – Click the link if you want to see what I’ve read recently

I discovered Shelfari through Gypsy, I believe. We met through an online community where we’re both still sort of members…she more than me with my new work status and whole house/husband/friends taking up the remaining free time I have. When I’m not being social or domestic, I usually spend my free time reading or crafting. Since reading requires less effort, I spend a lot more time doing it.

Once, when I had a web page, I tried to track what I was reading and put up links to the book in Amazon and what have you. Then, I decided just to review on Amazon. That led to my best friend Google-ing me one day and finding my top hit for my name being my review page. For quite some time I managed all my reading out of Amazon…what I had read I tried to review, what I wanted to read went on a private wish list, what I wanted to own went on a public one.

Then came If you are a book junkie and own paperback books that you thought you would love to own until you read them so often they were falling apart…but now have no use for them and they’re still in good condition, this is the site for you. I owned about a dozen books at the onset that I figured I’d post. I read them, enjoyed them a few times, but they really no longer fit what I wanted in my permanent collection. Many were snapped up and sent on to new homes. Other books came my way – things I couldn’t find in the library or could, but kept falling lower on my priority list and I wouldn’t read before I had to return them. So I’d request them from PBS and let them sit on a shelf in my house. I have about a dozen of those sitting around right now. I also burned a few credits replacing well loved books that I really didn’t want to purchase for a third or fourth time.

Mind you, my library system is fairly good. I can get a wide number of books from the convenience of my laptop shipped directly to my branch – which is in biking distance. They just don’t have everything I could ever want to read and the branch nearest me is not quite adequately sized. Add to this the fact that it is a county system, you might have a book somewhere in the system – but just not anywhere close to you.

Like every good reader, I don’t have just a collection of books I’ve recently read – I’ve got a to be read pile. This is populated from books I was exposed to through, Audible’s suggestions, NPR Book podcast or passing conversation with friends. Feel free to suggest additions.

Note: Neither list includes the books I have currently sitting in my house for me to read. These will get added to the recently read shelf as they’re finished off. Currently, this stash includes some Heinlein, the entire Laurie King Holmes/Russell saga, His Dark Materials trilogy and a slew of others.


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