Is art worth dying for?

Is art worth dying for?

According to Matt Damon, that’s one of the central questions asked in Monuments Men.

I’ve been interested in seeing this film since I first heard about it about a year ago. The cast sounds fantastic, and from the previews it looks like it will be gorgeous to watch. The brief late night visit on Daily Show by Clooney just made me more interested in the film, but only enough to put it on my IMDB Watchlist. But it was that snippet pulled from a video with Matt Damon that made me feel like I need to see this film.

I’m not sure what to think about that statement though. In an era where we’re seeing arts (in general) have cuts in funding and being dropped from our schools, what does the future hold?

BlogHer prompt: Tell us about your writing space.

Part of the reason I’m doing this effort of NaBloPoMo is to get into the habit of writing. I have a box in my craft closet that is full of the pieces for albums – our wedding, Gummi Bear’s first year, my college pictures and ones that go back even further in time. Part of my anxiety is that I know the finished project will sit on the shelf and be dragged out from time to time to be looked at by me and that may be the only one who sees it. But for that, I want perfection. And in waiting for perfection or just the right moment or just the perfect phrase, I might never finish. I have to remind myself that these memories in pictures will fade and if I don’t record them, though the words may be imperfect, will I remember?

I confess: I cannot remember Gummi Bear’s first word. I can tell you what we were doing when she took her first steps on her own but I don’t remember when she began to crawl. It has only been three and a half years since she was born and I’m already glossing over milestones and memories because I didn’t find the perfect word. How much longer until I lose hold of other memories? How many years in the future will we be sitting on the couch, with family & friends, and look through a photo album of smiling happy coeds and Gummi Bear asks “who is that laying on the back of the couch? and why would she do that?”

I don’t have a writing space. I don’t really have a place that is mine (and just mine). Then again, technically nobody in our house does. The aforementioned craft closet resides in the children’s room and is full of my stamps & paper, photos & patterns. The Bald One built in shelves to store things and a counter that folds up on a piano hinge or is supported by a chain when down. I can quickly do a little thing in there, but any major efforts end up being done on our kitchen table – where they have to be packed up in between to avoid children and cat destruction. Our home office is a shared space that is more his than mine and everything else in the house is a shared space. Pre-kid, I’d curl up on the couch and read or write on my laptop. Post-kid if I’m curled up on the couch, it is usually with a tiny human or in the event that they are sleeping, my cat comes to demand a few minutes grace. Both cat & kid are equally uncaring that a tablet in my lap means that I’m doing something that does not involve them. But that is the way of cats and kids.

Some days I think of the place we will have next where there is an actual office that can have a section for the office things and an area for the music to spread out and a wall for me to have a work surface and cabinets galore for my craft inclinations. And in the corner, there would be a chair and a half that I can sink into to write, long hand, in a journal or read a book. Until then, I write where I can and when I can so that the little things aren’t forgotten. Even when it is just the chaos of bedtime punctuated by the giggles of an almost three month old boy as he’s tickled.

FTC – poking in where now?

You may have noticed something strange in my last post – a disclaimer at the FTC. As you may have seen elsewhere, the FTC has decided to watch out for you, the consumer, by making us Wild West critics fess up that we may not be completely honest with you because we are swayed by the big bad corporations.

I know, I’m exaggerating. But for a reason…do you really think 90% of us sit here and go “yes, free stuff! I promise to say I love it and have my throngs of followers worship you even if it’s crap!” In a word, no. But the FTC is worried about that 10% who might not be so scrupulous.

I know I’m a tiny little flea in the world of swaying the almighty consumerist dollar. I don’t have a large following, if I even have any following. I more often tell strange tales of my life working on shows and having a day job or the strange things that pass as “normal” in our family life than I do tell you about the books I read, products I buy or other things that qualify as a product review. Heck, I’ve even started to get a little snarky on book reviews because it’s fun to crack my girlfriends up while being honest about a book plot.

I can honestly tell you the only ARC I have ever reviewed here is one I blatantly said was an ARC. The books I’ve received as a give-away, either as a prize for a contest well-won or the one time I’ve gotten something from an author, have been noted. Unless stated otherwise, my books come from one of three sources: my local library, a PaperBackSwap trade or my own hard-earned cash. My husband works in retail – formerly for Linens ‘n’ Things, Best Buy, a wine distributor and various movie theaters. As such, we did receive discounts on some purchases but never have I received something for free because of this connection from the retailer. He now works for a retail servicer, and as such we get pretty much nothing. Any product reviews (like how I love my wash machine due to it’s delayed start), are based on experience and not because somebody gave me something to make it sound awesome. In the event this ever changes, despite my tiny influence, I’ll make sure to warn you.

And while I love the government…I’m siding with a folksong here (and if you’re really curious, I’ll go figure out which…but my recording is at home): Judge, the good folks don’t need your laws and the rest won’t listen.

Serious geek moment

I shouldn’t be left with a tv by myself.

The Bald One and I have been watching the original (and by far much better written) original star wars trilogy. Despite the fact there are a few issues with stupid continuity gaffs now that Lucas did the prequel (how does Leia remember her real mom?), there are a few things that you have to consider now. Since the entire six movies (in Lucas’ opinion) is now the story of one man’s fall and redemption, how does that change the moment where Darth Vader decides to toss the Emperor down the shaft? I mean, if he turned to Palpatine in order to save the woman he loved and the child(ren) she carried, does deciding to save the child that Palpatine is trying to kill in front of him truly redeem him or is it Luke’s belief in the goodness in him?

And if you watch SW:E3, it’s inferred that Quigon Jin (whatever) learned something cool that Yoda had not mastered yet – a total return to the Force and all that it is. Supposedly, this is why both Obi-Wan and Yoda disappear when they die, a feat that none of the others managed in all their deaths. So how does Darth, who dies shortly after having his masked removed, manage to later send his spirit to the same level that Obi-Wan & Yoda are chilling at.

And I like my special edition Return of the Jedi without that simpering whiny brat as the ghost of Anikin.

blog blog blog blog

okay….Take Two.

I had a journal, a while back, and realized I never did anything with it. To the point the service killed my account. Now, everyone and their brother is bloging. I’ve never been a follower? Why should I start now?

Because I need to get things out of my head, that’s all.

Simple things that I do feel I need to share on the two EZBoard groups to which I’m a member, because they don’t relate to the subject matter. (No, you can’t go there, the groups are both closed so we can babble freely without worry of whose reading.) One is a group of women who live with their Significant Other before getting married (or opting never to get married). The other is a wiccan group. Both of these spun out of iVillage, and we’re quite happy where we are now. And while both boards have grown as a little family type group to talk about anything, I’m just not as active as I could be so usually not everyone gives a crap.

That, and I talk about odd things. I don’t really worry about my shoes being the highest in fashion or about preventing the world from killing itself through needless innoculations or deforestation. So, usually, things don’t get there that suit me.

Back to what’s up…
There’s a skimpy little bio with my profile. Through it, you can find out who I am if you click enough.

I plan on just spewing my randomness out here, so away we go. 🙂