Thursday 13: books to read…

I have a lot of books on my backlog of things to read. Mostly because I keep getting distracted by things like work, theater and the new shiny ones showing up on the One Week Checkout shelf at the library. So, let’s peruse…
13 things I have to read

1. Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars series I read the first one already…but have the remaining six to read. Someone on Paperback Swap is already lusting after the last one. So this is on the top of my stack.
2. A Bend in the Road Nicholas Sparks is supposedly this fabulous author…he put out a few novels that have shown up since then in movies. But I have yet to actually read one. This one looked good, so I requested it through PBS.
3. Tell Me No Lies I’ve really enjoyed Lowell’s books. This one just looked like it could be fun.
4. A Taste of Darkness I’ve read a few of Nina Bangs novels. They’re a different take on the supernatural than I’ve seen most commonly presented with the Anne Rice style. So it’s fun to have something different.
5. hello, darkness I don’t even know how I got referenced this novel. One of my half-dozen random leads on books – between Dear Reader, BD Reads and others…I get a bunch of fun suggestions. This one was good enough to burn a PBS credit on.
6. Myrren’s Gift well, this looks like a fun series. I think the second of this series showed up in Dear Reader. So I nabbed the second.
7. Yours Until Dawn I got this one as a present from the already twice mentioned Dear Reader column. Suzanne does all kinds of little giveaways throughout her columns. Five days a week, fifty-two weeks a year…and a good percentage have giveaways. Not that that’s the reason I get it. I’m getting new book leads through her. And other books at the library. But I digress. I entered a contest and received this one. I’ve already read it once, but I want to re-read it before listing it with PBS.
8. Valentine This one is the bald one’s fault. He got it from his mom (who’s an avid reader herself) and liked it and told me I should. So here it sits.
9. Every Secret Thing My other free book from Dear Reader…I have no idea. But it has a nice cover.
10. Jennifer Roberson’s Chronicles of Cheysuli My cousin sent this to me as a pass-the-love shipment. I read one of the two series that she sent. I haven’t gotten a chance to dive into these yet.
11. Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials series I got to start hearing this when I was working at GLTF’s costume shop. We listened to books while stitching. The first one was great, but now I need to listen/read the rest.
12. Lackey & Mallory’s Obsidian Trilogy I really like Mercedes Lackey’s novels so far. The first one was read mostly in a book store on a day where I had to kill a bunch of time. So then I bought it, and the second. And I’ve been waiting to read them until I had all three.
13. Invisible Ring These are set in the same world as the Black Jewels series, which I really enjoyed…so now I have more to read there. Good times.

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