next post – Harry Potter stuff

Here’s the deal, to prevent people for accidentally reading what they don’t – heaven forbid I spoil things for people – the next entry is going to be password protected. If you think hard, you can figure it out.

It’s the title to a song from a musical based on a children’s novel. Two words – but no spaces or punctuation. The item mentioned shows up in all seven of the Harry Potter novels. The song references hazel, unlike the HP novels.


Golden Compass: Daemon

I took the quiz, courtesy of a friend after evaluating hers…

Feel free to help me set my Daemon. And if you haven’t read the book, read it. It’s been compared to Harry Potter, but it isn’t. It’s more like Susan Cooper (Dark is rising). The movie hits in time for Christmas fun.

anyway, what do you think?

Thursday 13: books to read…

I have a lot of books on my backlog of things to read. Mostly because I keep getting distracted by things like work, theater and the new shiny ones showing up on the One Week Checkout shelf at the library. So, let’s peruse…
13 things I have to read

1. Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars series I read the first one already…but have the remaining six to read. Someone on Paperback Swap is already lusting after the last one. So this is on the top of my stack.
2. A Bend in the Road Nicholas Sparks is supposedly this fabulous author…he put out a few novels that have shown up since then in movies. But I have yet to actually read one. This one looked good, so I requested it through PBS.
3. Tell Me No Lies I’ve really enjoyed Lowell’s books. This one just looked like it could be fun.
4. A Taste of Darkness I’ve read a few of Nina Bangs novels. They’re a different take on the supernatural than I’ve seen most commonly presented with the Anne Rice style. So it’s fun to have something different.
5. hello, darkness I don’t even know how I got referenced this novel. One of my half-dozen random leads on books – between Dear Reader, BD Reads and others…I get a bunch of fun suggestions. This one was good enough to burn a PBS credit on.
6. Myrren’s Gift well, this looks like a fun series. I think the second of this series showed up in Dear Reader. So I nabbed the second.
7. Yours Until Dawn I got this one as a present from the already twice mentioned Dear Reader column. Suzanne does all kinds of little giveaways throughout her columns. Five days a week, fifty-two weeks a year…and a good percentage have giveaways. Not that that’s the reason I get it. I’m getting new book leads through her. And other books at the library. But I digress. I entered a contest and received this one. I’ve already read it once, but I want to re-read it before listing it with PBS.
8. Valentine This one is the bald one’s fault. He got it from his mom (who’s an avid reader herself) and liked it and told me I should. So here it sits.
9. Every Secret Thing My other free book from Dear Reader…I have no idea. But it has a nice cover.
10. Jennifer Roberson’s Chronicles of Cheysuli My cousin sent this to me as a pass-the-love shipment. I read one of the two series that she sent. I haven’t gotten a chance to dive into these yet.
11. Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials series I got to start hearing this when I was working at GLTF’s costume shop. We listened to books while stitching. The first one was great, but now I need to listen/read the rest.
12. Lackey & Mallory’s Obsidian Trilogy I really like Mercedes Lackey’s novels so far. The first one was read mostly in a book store on a day where I had to kill a bunch of time. So then I bought it, and the second. And I’ve been waiting to read them until I had all three.
13. Invisible Ring These are set in the same world as the Black Jewels series, which I really enjoyed…so now I have more to read there. Good times.

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WW: Book Review

Witches Weekly can be found here if you’d like to sign up for yourself. This week….

A Book Review December 30th 2005

What book do you feel provided you with some of the most useful information towards your spiritual path? Describe what information you found to be the most important.
The book is The Circle Within. I found it while working in Asheville briefly for a show at a fabulous little independent book store. When I finally got to read it recently, I was floored by it’s simple approach. It doesn’t talk about you having to have x & y & z and set your altar just so…it’s all about the little things that make the most of a day that reflect your beliefs outward. The simple things a person does daily that helps ground & center themselves to truly put them at peace with their beliefs. Probably the most effective thing I’ve read in a long long time.

Serious geek moment

I shouldn’t be left with a tv by myself.

The Bald One and I have been watching the original (and by far much better written) original star wars trilogy. Despite the fact there are a few issues with stupid continuity gaffs now that Lucas did the prequel (how does Leia remember her real mom?), there are a few things that you have to consider now. Since the entire six movies (in Lucas’ opinion) is now the story of one man’s fall and redemption, how does that change the moment where Darth Vader decides to toss the Emperor down the shaft? I mean, if he turned to Palpatine in order to save the woman he loved and the child(ren) she carried, does deciding to save the child that Palpatine is trying to kill in front of him truly redeem him or is it Luke’s belief in the goodness in him?

And if you watch SW:E3, it’s inferred that Quigon Jin (whatever) learned something cool that Yoda had not mastered yet – a total return to the Force and all that it is. Supposedly, this is why both Obi-Wan and Yoda disappear when they die, a feat that none of the others managed in all their deaths. So how does Darth, who dies shortly after having his masked removed, manage to later send his spirit to the same level that Obi-Wan & Yoda are chilling at.

And I like my special edition Return of the Jedi without that simpering whiny brat as the ghost of Anikin.

How did I MISS THIS????

Feast for Crows is done.

Sort of.

To understand what I’m talking about, you need to go to the official page for George R.R. Martin, the creator of the epic series A Song of Ice & Fire. The sum of the story is that he wrote what would be installment four of his series. Unfortunately, the thing is heftier than a publisher would be willing to print. So, he split the story – one half is on the main section of the world that we’ve all been following, the other is in the other part of the world (Danerys & soon Arya, if I’m not mistaken – plus whoever else shows up). The cut story lines will be in Dance of Dragons, which is book five.

The only downside is that you can’t yet pre-order the book on Amazon. Why? Probably because they’ve taken too much crap with mis-guessing the publication dates, so they’ve completely removed the book’s ASIN from the system. Completely. An error page appears. Brats. Anyway, with the decision having been made for the end of May, best-guess is that the publication date will be in late November.

I can’t wait.